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Couple of the Year Entry: Jennifer & Chelsea

Chelsea & Jennifer 10-20-18

Jennifer proposed to Chelsea on Christmas morning 2017. Jennifer took the ring out of the box and gave it to her mom to hold (Jennifer didn’t have any pockets in her pajamas ). Jennifer wrapped the actual ring box and put it in the bottom of her stocking. Inside the box there was a piece of paper that said Chelsea's name on one side and "will you marry me?" on the other side. While Chelsea was opening and reading the paper Jennifer got the ring and got down on one knee. Chelsea immediately started crying when she saw Jennifer. And of course Chelsea said yes! They both work at a grocery store and Jennifer noticed a new cashier and thought she was beautiful so Jennifer went through her line. Chelsea was very flirty so Jennifer continued to go through her line every time even if it meant she had to wait in a long line. Eventually, they both ended up on a break together and Jennifer offered her some of her pineapples. She accepted and that’s when they really started to talk. It escalated from there. Now they have pineapple EVERYTHING lol. It’s their little inside joke.

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning "Probably the cake tasting. It was the easiest and most delicious part."

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding "My wife’s mother was in the hospital the week of the wedding. She has stage 4 cancer and ended up getting an infection right before the wedding. Well she was the one that was walking my bride down the aisle because her dad is not in the picture. So this was very hard on my wife not to mention the fact that my wife was worried about her mother being in the hospital since her getting an infection is extremely dangerous. Well the Friday before our wedding her mother ended up getting released from the hospital because she said there was no way she was missing the chance to walk her daughter down the aisle. She attended without the ability to eat and it was even hard for her to walk. Despite this she was even able to share a dance with my wife."

Funny Story from their Wedding "The song "pour some sugar on me" came on and my quite inebriated cousin came running in the hall from outside and slid across the floor and started pouring sugar packets on himself."

Photographer Experience "Ashton was wonderful. We felt very overwhelmed with everything going on between the wedding and Chelsea's mom being in the hospital but he made us feel very at ease when it came to the photos. We had no idea what we wanted and he was very patient and great. He posed us and helped keep us calm on the day. We loved him. He was also the sweetest guy and it turned out that he knew my cousin (the inebriated one lol)"

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year? "We didn’t have the chance to take a honeymoon because we had to pay for almost our entire wedding. We originally thought that we were getting more help but then Chelsea's parents were tight on money with her mom being so sick. So this would be a great ending to the year."

Photography: Classic Photographers - Ashton P.

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