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Couple of the Year Entry: Kayla & Joshua

Kayla & Joshua

Kayla & Joshua went on adventure traveling states and visiting family; finally landing in New York City! The first time they had both set foot in the beautiful city. He took Kayla to the very top of the Empire State Building. He was quiet and goofy, and they walked around the outdoor balcony for a while. Then they started walking to the door to go back inside from the balcony, and when they were almost to the door he quietly said to himself “the temperature is nice here.” (Not realizing he had said that out loud). She turned, laughed, agreed that it was nicely temperatured, and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! How could she say no in such a perfect temperature spot with such an amazing man! They met officially at BJ’s Restaurant, where Kayla sat eating her pizookie and drinking a peach margarita while she studied for college. He walked up, said something funny, and next thing you know they were sharing her favorite giant chocolate chip cookie and chatting all night.

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning
“The cake tasting of course! And hand making all of the centerpieces and arch and candle thank you gifts together!”

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding
“My dad asked me to walk extra slow and take our time walking down the aisle so he could enjoy it as long as possible, and cried during our first dance.”

Funny Story from their Wedding
“My now husband’s uncle officiated our wedding, and used a rope to symbolize our bond. Then set it aside during the ceremony and said in front of everyone that he’d save the rope for us for our wedding night!”

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos
“We love the city views and romance! We got engaged on top of the Empire State Building with views of New York City, so of course we had to get married on top of a building with views of our home city, LA

Photographer Experience
“We chose to hire 2 photographers and a videographer because classic photographers had a package for cheaper for all 3 than we could find a single photographer anywhere else. They were all wonderful and fun and even danced with us! It was great! They were fun, funny, nice, and got a lot of great shots!”

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers
“We got to pick out our photographers after checking out their work and finding a good match. It was simple and convenient and they had hundreds of choices and styles to choose from.”

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year?
“We really want to go on a honeymoon but haven’t been able to afford it. We put all our money into our son and giving him a good life, and haven’t taken any time to focus on ourselves in years and would love to have some husband and wife time together.

Photography: Classic Photographers – Isabelle V.

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