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Wedding of the Week: Jacqueline & Brandon

Jacqueline & Brandon

Where It All Began
Jacqueline and Brandon met in Houston, TX, when Brandon showed up 30 minutes early (7:30 am, the nerve) to move Jackie from her townhouse in Houston to her new job in New Jersey. When Jackie answered the door she was surprised to see such a good-looking guy standing there, and Brandon was also taken back by Jackie. They hit it off immediately, talking non-stop for hours while Brandon packed up her belongings. Jackie wasn’t exactly sure how this was supposed to work since Brandon lived in Michigan, but conveniently, Brandon left a pocket knife in her room so she called him up and they immediately started chatting (maybe that wasn’t an accident? 😉 ). That conversation turned into months of texting, then phone calls, and then Brandon decided to come to San Antonio for Thanksgiving. This was when the couple decided that they didn’t want to be without each other and became an item. They then spent the next few months getting to know each other and traveling back and forth from New Jersey to Michigan to spend time together.

The Proposal
On September 1, during Jacqueline and Brandon’s summer vacation to Michigan, Brandon took Jackie to Mackinac Island. At first, Jackie was a little skeptical of the island since they would have to get around either on foot or bicycle. They both knew Jackie wasn’t going to make it around the island if she had her own bike, so they got a tandem bike (a true test of any relationship). They went on an adventure around the island, and Brandon took Jackie to an overlook. He was starting to act a little odd by carving their names THREE times into the fence posts, but then finally gave her binoculars to look out on the water. When she looked through the binoculars, she saw a sailboat in the water with a sign that said, “Jackie, Will You Marry Me?” Then, she turned around to find Brandon on one knee. Of course, she said “Yes!,” but that wasn’t the end of the surprise. Brandon took Jackie to the dock for an evening sail, and to her surprise, he had her best friends fly all the way to Michigan to share their special day. Then they all enjoyed the evening sail, sipping champagne, on Lake Huron. It was truly a memorable day!

Wedding Inspiration
“The theme I was going for was country rustic, so burlaps and yellows inspired me. I started purchasing decor that fit my theme and feel like everything meshed well together!”

Favorite Wedding Detail/Memory
“All of my friends and family being there to share in my special day. The most memorable moment though was when the Best Man and Matron of Honor dressed up in inflatable T-rex suits for the dollar dance. It was fantastic!”

D.I.Y. Details
“I used Etsy for a lot of inspiration which was great because I could get a lot of the details I wanted from my cake topper to my cake stand. I also printed a lot of canvas prints that were fantastic and gave the reception a personal touch.”

& a Word of Advice…
“Don’t stress the small stuff and learn to delegate. Your bridal party is there to help and more than happy to help you.”


Photography: Classic Photographers – Sarah S.

Photography: Classic Photographers – Thomas S.

Venue: Los Encinos Hill Country Estate – San Antonio, TX

DJ: Cutting Edge Entertainment – San Antonio, TX

Cake: Meemo’s Bakery – San Antonio, TX

Florist: HEB Blooms – Texas

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Concept 22 – San Antonio, TX

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Just Photography   $1495

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Just Photography Plus   $1895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!) . and more..

Romance   $2195

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Classic Photo & Video   $2895

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