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Wedding of the Week: Rebekah & Mark

Rebekah & Mark

Rebekah and Mark first met in Marching Band at Liberty University as she played the saxophone and he played the mellophone. Rebekah was initially just friends with his twin sister and older sister and eventually Mark and Rebekah were introduced to one another and became close friends. Rebekah had no idea that Mark had feelings for her and when she eventually found out she was thrown off guard. As Rebekah says, “He won me over with his amazing gentlemanly gestures (I am not allowed to open a door around him), the joy he brought to my life, and most importantly, the alignment of our faith.”
The day that Mark proposed to Rebekah was the craziest day of her life! She had just moved to a new city and was about to start a new job in two days. The couple had been doing the long-distance relationship for quite some time and she decided that it was time to move closer to him. As soon as Mark and Rebekah were reunited the day she moved, he had warned her that they were going to be doing a lot of driving that night, which she wasn’t too excited about after a long day of traveling.
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Their first stop on the drive was at the church where they first started getting to know each other. They took a picture and Mark handed Rebekah a note in his sister’s calligraphy handwriting that had a clue. The clue led Rebekah to the Starbucks in the Liberty University library which is where they first decided to start dating. They took a picture and Rebekah received the next clue which lead her to the coffee shop where they went on their first date. After that they journeyed to the “Love” park sign in downtown Lynchburg and once again they took a picture. The clues then stopped. All along Rebekah knew that Mark was going to propose to her that night (according to Rebekah, he is not very good at surprises!) Finally the couple headed to a street that they had visited frequently because of all of the restaurants they had eaten at there. As they headed towards a fancy restaurant, Mark suddenly took a turn down a street that they had never walked down before which left Rebekah very confused. They were walking towards the WWII Memorial which sits right in the middle of Lynchburg, VA and covers several blocks along with large staircases. As they approached the memorial, Mark began telling Rebekah about how all of the places they had visited that night were a meaningful part to their relationship, and that the next place is one they had never been to before but would be significant soon enough. The couple began walking up the steps and Rebekah saw 50 candles lit all over the landing. He turned to her and told her how much she meant to him and how grateful he is to the Lord for their 3 year relationship. Mark then finally asked Rebekah to marry him. One unique part of this moment was that it was their very first kiss. As Rebekah said, “Honestly, we kissed, and I laughed because it was such a new feeling…but, we have gotten much better since!” As the evening ended all of their sisters popped out from the walls of the memorial and everyone went back to Mark’s parents house where Rebekah’s family was waiting for her as well!
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Rebekah and Mark officially tied the knot on May 27th, 2017 at Deerfield Country Club in Delaware. Rebekah and Mark tried to include as many members of the family as possible and had guests that arrived from Canada, Washington, Florida, California, Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, and all over the East Coast! Our photographer, Iryna S. captured lifelong memories for the happy couple. As Rebekah said, “Needless to say we had the most wonderful time, and it was a perfect way to celebrate the start to our new family!
  Rebekah bought her dress from a YWCA in Lynchburg that takes designer donations and sells them to raise money for women’s charities.
It was originally $2,500, and she bought it for $350!
Classic Photographers was happy to be a part of such a special day for the newlyweds! Rebekah and Mark, Classic Photographers wishes you a lifetime of happiness!
rebekah and mark
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