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Wedding of the Week: Riley & Ryan

Riley & Ryan

Riley and Ryan actually met at Band Camp! Ryan was a year above Riley and they met in band class. He was always correcting Riley and telling her how to do things. She used to roll her eyes at him constantly back in high school. They ended up not getting together for a few years after high school but Riley can still remember when they met.

The Proposal
Ryan had taken Riley out on a surprise date to an aquarium. They walked around for a bit until he found a time and place that they were alone in front of a big tank and he was telling Riley all of the reasons that he loved her. Before she knew it, he was lowering down to one knee asking her to marry him!

Wedding Inspiration
“I was inspired to have a outdoor summer wedding because me and my husband love being outside any chance we can. Growing up in a small farming community we wanted to create a rustic look to our wedding so we chose to do lace and burlap with most decorations. We both enjoy the color blue as well and wanted to incorporate that in our wedding. We used a light blue for our bridesmaids as well as a lot of our decorations. We chose to have our wedding at the apple orchard because we wanted to have a barn for our reception. The apple orchard was a perfect setting with a large barn included to take some beautiful pictures. The apples were just small at this time but beautiful to have in the background.”

Favorite Wedding Memory
“My favorite memories from my wedding include my first dance with my husband, and my father, as well as the garter removal. Me and my husband choreographed our first dance together and were so excited to preform it together for our families. We worked a few days a week for a few weeks to prepare for our wedding day. It was exciting to be able to show our hard work and surprise our families. I loved the garter removal because I love seeing mu husband dance, and this night was no exception. His dancing always puts a huge smile on my face. The dance with my father was special to my heart. He was trying the entire time to hold back tears which in turn made me tear up. He told me how much he loved me and how happy he was that I found a man that would love me unconditionally and take care of me for life. He gave me some advice to always make time for date nights and to never give up showing how much I care for Ryan.”

D.I.Y. Details
“Always search Facebook there are tons of brides selling their old decorations for half the price”

& a Word of Advice…
“Enjoy it, don’t stress about the small details. In the end you are married to the love of your life and all the things that seemed so important for the wedding won’t matter in the end.”


Photography: Classic Photographers – Erica K.

Photo booth: Avalon Entertainment – Dearborn, MI

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