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Wedding of the Week: Samantha & David

Samantha & David

Six years ago David started a new job. After two weeks the receptionist said, “You know, you’d be perfect for my daughter.” And she was right. During the next couple of years, his coworker told me, “You should text Sam.” but being the introvert, who was also married at the time, He would blush and say he shouldn’t. One day he got a text message that said, “My Mom said I should text you.” From there their friendship began to grow. It was a friendship founded on texted yoga lessons, Game of Thrones theories, and a whole lot of laughs… But most importantly, it was a friendship based on trust and support. When they both found them ourselves free of other relationships, it did not take them long to realize their friendship was MORE than a friendship. They had finally found the peanut butter to their jelly, the Burt to their Mary Poppins and the Bogey to their Bacall.

The Proposal

David was a LITTLE stressed out in the week leading up to the proposal… Enough, that his then-girlfriend started to notice and ask if he was okay. He was quiet, cranky and generally moody. Well, they went to see Harry Connick Jr at the Hollywood Bowl and he was a mess! The ring was burning a hole in his pocket. Well, he thought, no time like the present. As soon as he said that, the eloquence of what he had planned to say flew right out the window. He managed to stumble through some words, He apologized for being in a bad mood recently, she’s changed his life for the better, He is so happy, and he would love it if she would be his wife… there was a pause and she said, “Oh my god are we getting engaged?” He said, “Well, if you say yes…” Needless to say, she did say yes, and it made the show even better!

Wedding Inspiration
“Forest Night Sky with deep blues and purples… and stars “

Favorite Wedding Memory
The ceremony was outside in a local hiking area. It was a beautiful day, the sun was coming through the trees casting a perfect glow. Samantha, my Bride was radiant.

D.I.Y. Details
All of our center pieces were hand made. We made 100 needlepoint stars on our colors that had our name and date on the back. We used our empty dog food cans, painted them dark blue and I drilled holes in the shape of the constellations Pieces and Virgo into them. I also folded about 1200 paper stars which we put into small Mason jars to hold our flowers. Not being able to find small table top birch trees, Sam hand twisted, wrapped and painted wire into the correct shape, so we could hang little star ornaments on them

& a Word of Advice…
Wedding planning can be extremely stressful, remember to take time for yourself. It is okay to take a night off. Remember what the big day is all about… two people who love each other… and for Pete’s sake, in the larger scheme of things, IT’S JUST A DAY…


Photography: Classic Photographers – Holly S.

Donut: Dunkin Donuts, Santa Monica CA

Tacos: The Taco Guy, Pasadena CA

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