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Wedding of the Week: Susy & Jose

Susy & Jose

They actually met back in high school when they were sixteen. They were total opposites; Edgar was the “angry teen” who always wore black and listened to heavy metal and loved the Celtics, and Susy was the “good Christian girl” who wanted to share Jesus with everyone and loved the Lakers. Somehow they managed to become good friends. After high school, Susy and Jose went their different ways but thanks to social media, they always kept in touch. Fast forward to 12 years later and there they found each other on Facebook. One night they were sharing their bad lucks with relationships and they discovered that they both had changed a bit from who they were in high school. They decided to go out on a date and something must have clicked because Susy and Jose have been together ever since!

The Proposal
Susy claims that Jose is bad at keeping secrets so when he decided to propose and bought the ring, Susy could tell that Jose was trying to play it cool. Susy knew something was up. Their second year anniversary was coming up and earlier in the year they had visited Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Susy completely fell in love with it. Jose knew this, so he decided to take Susy back there to propose.  As they took the tour, Susy tried holding his left hand and he would switch and would give her his right hand instead. Once they finished the tour, the couple wandered off to explore the gardens and once they got to the spot where you can see the ocean and the rest of the property, Edgar asked her if she thought that he would really make her wait five years before he proposed. Susy answered, “I hope not” and then Edgar said, “I have a feeling it’s gonna be way sooner than that.” Susy looked at him and smiled and then continue to take in the view. “Susy,” Jose exclaimed as he was holding a little box with a ring in it. Edgar then didn’t say anything, so Susy just stared at him and asked, “are you serious?” Jose then said “yes” and Susy hugged him and kissed him. Jose told Susy that she hadn’t answered him yet and Susy told him that he hadn’t asked her yet… so he then asked if Susy would marry him and Susy said yes. It was magical!

Wedding Inspiration
“I wanted something simple but classy. I tried to incorporate both of our colors so we chose lavender and sea foam green.”

Favorite Wedding Memory

“Definitely walking down the aisle and seeing Jose up there waiting for me. At that moment all nervous feelings, and stress went away. We had lots of entwined hearts, candles and lanterns. “

& a Word of Advice…

“I would tell them not to stress because on that day it won’t matter if you chose lavender or lilac, or if the flowers you chose went with your theme or if the cake should have been 4 tiers instead of 3. All that will matter is that you get to marry the love of your life and that you get to begin your lives together.”


Photography: Classic Photographers – Landon D.

Venue & Catering: Wedgewood Sterling Hills Golf Club – Camarillo, CA

“They took care of everything for us. The ceremony site, reception, food, drinks.”

Decoration: Floral Design by Roni – Ventura, CA

Entertainment: DJ Pablo – Santa Maria, CA

Cake: Catherine’s Cake Decorating and Candy Supplies – SunValley, CA

“Our cake was made by my good friend Susan at Catherine’s Cake Decorating and Candy Supplies”

“In my personal opinion, it’s important to hire people you feel comfortable with because you are trusting them with one of the most important days of your life and you want everything to be perfect. So go with people who make you feel at ease and who can get your vision without you having to go fully into details.”

Wedding Photography Packages

Just Photography   $1495

One Classic Certified Lead Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code) . and more..

Just Photography Plus   $1895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!) . and more..

Romance   $2195

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Classic Photo & Video   $2895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Premium Wedding Photography Packages

Gold   $3395

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8 Hours of Coverage with 2 Photographers. 1 Hour Engagement Session. and more..


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