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“What is One Thing You Would Like Every Bride and Groom to Know Before Their Wedding?”

Advice from some of our top photographers…

“Get good sleep, slow down and embrace every moment of the event.” – Laura J.

Laura Jones

“The most important thing I like the couples I work with to know is that their wedding day is as important as my own would be! A wedding day is not one that can be replayed, you have one chance, one moment in time to tell this story and I am going to be there putting my absolute all into the entire day. Essentially, I like to consider myself as being part of the wedding party. I am another friend of yours sharing this uber special day! I feel the emotions of the event almost as if we are old friends.” – Kassandra R.


“It’s a wedding day, never worry about how the day will turn out. You’re marrying the love of your life and all the memories that happen throughout your entire day will impact nothing more than the experience of the day. I’m here for both the bride and groom to not only take their photos but to ease the stress and help keep the time together so they can enjoy there special day.” – Brandy P.


“One thing I want every bride and groom to realize about their wedding day is that this IS their day. Revel in it. Take your time, your moments, and your opportunities to just breathe and live in each moment on your day. As a photographer that has shot hundreds of weddings, I know how quickly the day passes, and my wish for you is to enjoy and be present in every experience on your day. <3 ”            – Sarah S.

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“Photos (and/or video!) will be the only thing you have to look back on in the business of such an important day! If at all possible, let your photographer take photos of that strange/awesome idea they pitched you thirty seconds ago! Chances are, it will turn into an incredibly unique shot and most likely a very good story to accompany the image that will make it worth it even though it seems like you have been smiling for hours. ” – Amryn S.

Amryn Soldier Headshot

“I help my couples with creating their wedding day itinerary so we get all the important shots they want throughout the day. I want couples to know that rarely does everything stay perfectly on schedule and that’s okay! The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy your day and know that I will be there helping throughout the day so that we get those images you will cherish for years to come!” – Carrie G.

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“Timelines are awesome. Make sure the photographer, DJ and venue coordinator all have a timeline so we can help guide the day and try to keep it on track when it starts to get hectic and believe me it will get hectic.” – Jaz L.

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“The most important aspect to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that everything goes as smooth as possible is clear communication. My goal is to capture the genuine story and emotion of the wedding day so I make sure I talk with my bride and groom about the photographs, people and moments they care most about.” – Hani M.

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