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  • "They were so easy to work with. The monthly payments worked well to help stay organized. They kept me on track and emailed me a bunch before the wedding to make sure they had everything. The day of I met Timothy, our photographer, and he was amazing."

    Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S.
    June 9, 2017
  • “They were awesome and very patient. They were very responsive when I had questions. They also offer payment plans and a variety of different packages. They are very affordable and I would highly recommend them.”

    Kristy V.
    Kristy V.
    October 14, 2017 | MA
  • "I found this company but chance online. Best decision I made! Classic Photographers and Marissa G. (my lead photographer) were amazing. They were very responsive to my email and sent me updates and reminders as my date approached. They had a variety of packages to pick from. The only hiccup was they sent me the wrong list of photographers to pick from, I selected someone and was then told they weren't in my area. However that how I found Marissa G. and she made the experience seamless and soo enjoyable. I sent her a few pages of pictures and she did almost all. She was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and a treat to work with. I would highly recommended Classic Photographers and Marissa G."

    Alison A.
    Alison A.
    December 1, 2016

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