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  • We had an amazing experience with Timothy as our photographer and would use him over and over again. We highly recommend this company they are diligent and professional.

    Laynie Couch Wedding
    Laynie Couch Wedding
    May 14, 2016
  • We used Robin G. for our wedding, and she was incredible! I cannot say enough about how flexible, hilarious, and professional she was. I am incredibly awkward, and hate having my picture taken, but she put me and my husband at ease. We got 1700 pictures, and reprint rights to them all! We also got a photobooth from Classic, and the prints and book were incredible. All my guests had so much fun, and it really shows in the pictures we got.

    Krystal & Sam Wedding
    Krystal & Sam Wedding
    Jan 23, 2016
  • Justin was absolutely amazing. I wish I could remember his assistant's name, because she was super sweet and friendly, too. Justin was so friendly and did an amazing job. He blended in, making him almost invisible. He was able to get all the shots I wanted (including but not limited to the shot of my husband as I came down the aisle), and then all of the shots I didn't even know I wanted. LOVED him.

    Lindsey Morris
    Lindsey Morris
    June 3, 2016