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Nicole B.
They have the best photographers. Very professional and courteous. My photographer Carletta was more than a photographer, she was instrumental and I feel she was a part of my family.
Kristi G.
100% recommend, best bang for your buck, gorgeous photos! TLDR: 100% recommend CP; the whole experience was great and the photographers were wonderful, got so many photos and able to share all of them with guests SUPER easily, plus free perks! Also the most bang for my buck. Prepare your shot lists beforehand and be ready to take charge and tell people what to do. I would 100% recommend Classic Photographers to any of my friends and have actually already told several about it. I got a killer deal, way more affordable than the photographer the venue was offering, plus I still got two photographers, a shareable online gallery which ended up with almost 1800 photos, a free 8x8 photo book, and even print credits for reviewing! Scott Lee was my chosen photographer and he was so wonderful. My bridal party and I were a little late getting to the venue, so I didn’t get all the shots I wanted, but he did make sure to get what I asked for and definitely let me run the show, which was both good and bad, I think. I should have been more prepared with a list of specific photos I wanted, and I should’ve done it beforehand and come with it ready to go, (or I should have delegated all of that to my groom!) but I did not. I also didn’t go over my worksheet with him or the shots I did know I wanted, so we didn’t end up getting some of those, but that’s totally my fault for not being prepared and then for being late. The photos we did get were so great! Plenty to use for the photo book and our other wedding album we’ll make. Scott was very kind and super funny, all our guests loved him, and he made the experience much better. Ralph was our second shooter and he was equally great! He was also very kind and funny and guests loved joking with him. They both were very creative as well, with a great eye for the light and for shots, put in plenty of ideas when I was struggling (because I didn’t have a list!!!). I did end up adding an extra hour to our time so that they’d be there for the entire event, and I feel like that was totally worth it so I didn’t have to stress about it. Overall, if I could do it all over again, I would most definitely use Classic Photographers again AND choose Scott again. The only thing I’d do differently is prepare better beforehand and be more assertive in the moment forcing people to take pictures with us! XD We actually also used The Guest photo app for all of our guests’ photos, which ended up being a totally necessary addition. This way, we ended up with over 2000 photos, all from different perspectives, and I would do it all over in a heartbeat. Thank you so much, Classic Photographers, and especially Scott and Ralph for making our wedding day that much better and giving us all these beautiful photos to remember it by! <3
Brianna M.
Classic Photographers did an amazing job. We were mostly impressed with the quick access to photos and videos after our wedding. Marie and Renee did an excellent job!!
Amy R.
"Great customer service throughout covid rescheduling. Photographer was responsive and did a great job asking in advance what we were looking for. Took 2 weeks to get our pictures back- received yesterday and are thrilled with the quality shots."
Tiera B.
Ericka was amazing. Classic Photographers has great customer service. Awesome experience!
Danielle T.
My cousin used Classic Photographers for her wedding, and referred them to me. I was so extremely happy with the quality and professionalism of the photographers and videographer. I will be sure to refer Classic Photographers to anyone looking for wedding photos and video!
Tina D.
Loved our photographers and videographer! We had the best experience with our photographer Steph. M. From Minnesota and her team. They were awesome with helping us keep on schedule, getting great shots, and they were so much fun. The video and the photos that we got are such great memories, and so thankful that they did a great job so that we will have those forever. If you're in Minnesota getting married you want Steph. M. to be your photographer she's awesome!
Tiffany C.
Affordable, monthly payments. Great specials and extra goodies given in your package. High quality photographers in your area. You just type in your zip code and they find them and you see they're previous work.
Christina F.
Outstanding!! Highly recommend using them! They were amazing and we lucked out and got a husband and wife team as our photographers! They both were simply amazing! She had great ideas and kept my nerves at bay all night!!
Janae D.
They were very easy to get a hold of and work with before the wedding and day of. I was able to give direction as to what kind of pictures I wanted and they also had some amazing ideas. The photos turned out great and I was very happy. Bonus points because I was able to use a coupon for about $500 off from promotional e-mails they sent me so super affordable as well.
Naomi J.
We used Isabelle & Justin as our photographers and Brett was our videographer. All did absolutely wonderful!
Sandra H.
Both photographers were amazing! They took so many photos. All the pictures turned out crystal clear. Their ideas on where to take the photos turned every moment into something unforgettable. I cannot thank classic photographers enough! I would highly recommend. Whether you're on a budget or not they work with you and it's completely worth the money.
Andrea M.
This company is quick to respond to any questions that you have! The photographs and DJ were awesome and very helpful!!!
Maria S.
A Great Decision! Our photographers were excellent, professional, and patient!
Kenya E.
Awesome photographer and videographer! I wish I could rate the individual photographers (Anthony, Mark) and videographer (Saeid) individually but they did a great job. Very personable, engaging with the guest, and everyone and didn’t even know it. They say the Bride and Groom missed the entire event but the pictures and video brings it back to life each time you review!
Chris S.
Great experience! Great service and unbeatable price. They let you choose your photographers based on their portfolios.
Brinley C.
I had such a wonderful experience with Classic Photographers! I received my wedding album back in 5 days with TONS of photos. Donald and Steve were awesome!
Elena C.
Loved our photographers they made the whole day just easy and the pictures turned out wonderful!
Stephanie K.
Amazing and very high quality 100000 percent recommend. The photographers are so nice and professional and the photos are amazing!!!!
Destany L.
Great Experience! The photographers were amazing! They made great suggestions and were easy to communicate with. It was more like working with friends than total strangers. My photos turned out beautiful and I like that the company almost always has some sort of coupon you can use.
Mercy B.
Easy to use and our photographer was great! We also got a great deal for our money!
Theresa B.
Amazing experience If you are looking for a more affordable option with great packages and photographers, Classic Photographers is for you. They were very responsive and the pictures turned out amazing. You also get all of the pictures taken that night along with full printing rights!
Gaylar G.
My photographer Shantel was absolutely amazing and very professional. I really appreciate her paying close attention to the small details and capturing all of my special moments. I would definitely recommend Classic Photographers!
Katherine G.
Classic photographers service was extremely easy to use! We got to pick our favorite photographer out of a long list! Which made us feel more in control and we thought Irina did such an amazing job! We got our photos less than a week after our wedding and were blown away by how beautiful the pictures came out! I would definitely recommend them!
Katherine G.
Katlyn was amazing. I knew she would be amazing from the first interaction. She sent a Friend's GIF and I just knew we would get along. She was very thorough, professional, and friendly. She made the whole experience easy and fun! I would highly recommend Classic Photographers!
Morgen R.
Amasaaazing! Ina was seriously the best! Creative, fun, and awesome photos!
Jasmine T.
Classic Photographers were great. My photographer and videographer were amazing on my wedding day, despite the snow storm they were there and I am forever grateful for them! 🥰
DeAndra W.
Easy and awesome! My pictures came out beautifully. It was easy to book, easy communication and the timing that I received the photos was about 2 weeks!!
Synaca S.
We loved Classic Photographers. We were forced to cancel our wedding twice in 2020 and they allowed us to reschedule and eventually even relocate our shoot! We shot with Colleen on Maui and it was a perfect experience!
Racquelle P.
Classic Photographers is a WONDERFUL photography service. Attentive and kind, everyone in the company is wonderful to work with. Our photographer, Anu, and his assistant William, made all of our dreams pictures a reality. I cannot wait to work with this company once again. Everyone was so wonderful, and answered emails within the hour. If you're one who likes people who know what they are doing, especially in your wedding day, go with Classic Photographers! They were not only amazing, but didn't hurt our pockets either! I would highly recommend to anyone. You can see the different photographers and their work that they have done in the past to choose your style!

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