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Couple of the Year Entry: Denise & Michael

Denise & Michael

Michael proposed on Christmas Morning. They always spoke about their relationship is being like an adventure. He made a small ring box using a mini version of the adventure book from the movie UP. Inside each page had pictures of them and love notes. The last page opened to a holder for the ring. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, then chuckled and said…. finally after 20+ years. She said Yes! After meeting at the park one day they were soon high school sweethearts; young and in love. She was a cheerleader and he was a BMX biker. They dated for a while, they went to the prom together and graduated. Then they were blessed with their son. But it wasn’t their time… yet. They were so young that it was hard and put a strain on their relationship. They fell apart, broke each other’s hearts and went our separate ways for some time until fate brought true love back together!

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning
“Everything of course! Picking the theme and colors, cake tasting, yum, planning everything as you always imagined as a little girl and writing our own vows and our own ceremony it was all personalized for our story then most of all…. finding the perfect dress!”

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding
“Our son surprised us with a speech. He spoke about always wishing on the dandelion flowers that you blow on and make a wish. Wishing on each seed that his mom and dad would get back together again. He started crying saying wishes do come true, then everyone was crying and hugging. We have it all on video so we will never forget. It was such a happy/sad moment and such a surprise as my son is usually quiet and reserved with his feelings.”

Funny Story from their Wedding
“A funny story…. lol When planning I wanted to make sure that the wedding was about me AND my husband. I wanted it to reflect both our personalities. So my husband is a manly man, an outdoorsman, always wearing a hat. So for our wedding we picked a nice baseball hat that matched his suit for him to wear! So handsome! But all the wedding planners kept trying to tell him to take it off saying the bride will be upset and he would say nope she helped pick it out!! Lol “

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos
“I loved our first look photos! They were beautiful. We knew we were going to cry and didn’t want to cry in front of everyone so we did it privately. The photos were beautiful and intimate.

Photographer Experience
“I had two, Erin and Lyndsey, they both were amazing and each brought something different to the table. They interacted so well with my flower girls and were patient to get those hots.”

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers
“The variety and styles of photographers you can choose from.”

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year?
“We deserve to be chosen because our story is real and relatable, a true “greatest love story” It shows love is a journey, an adventure as we love to say. Although not perfect it is honest faithful and trustworthy. Together we are strong and can overcome everything even being apart for so many years our souls could not remain apart.

Photography: Classic Photographers – Erin D.

“My husband is a “rub some dirt in it” drink whiskey, hunt, and fish, kind of guy! But he will talk about our story any chance he gets in the airport, literally anywhere and makes all the little old ladies cry! Lol”

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