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Couple of the Year Entry: Lilian & Brian

Lilian & Brian

Lilian and Brian’s engagement was a little unplanned! They were a month away from going to Iceland, where Brian was going to propose. He had bought the ring many months before and had it at home hidden away. She had no idea. She had just submitted a big publication and they had been celebrating with wine and take-out; absolutely perfect. They somehow started talking about the future and Brian mostly freaked out…a lot and he ran into the closet came back and there he was on one knee. Lilian was pretty much stunned. But it was perfectly Lilian and Brian, un-planned with a small dose of freaking out! They met on a dating app called Coffee meets Bagel. Lilian had recently moved to Boston and so had absolutely no friends, and did not want to meet another scientist! They are great, and she love being one, but she needed a change! Brian popped up on her screen and had the cutest hiking picture up, which meant he was active and liked the outdoors, just like her! Then she swiped to the second picture and it was him in a tiger onesie (he swears it was a Halloween costume, but this has never been confirmed). He made her laugh and smile from the first hello and they have been inseparable since!

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning
“Food tasting!! At Harrington Farm, they make food tasting a big event. They decorate the farm as it would be during a wedding with several couples going. It was great meeting other couples and sharing ideas, but the best part was the food. Especially for me!! Brian is vegetarian, so I made him take all the samples and give me the meat-based ones!! I promise I gave him some of my samples too, but it was mostly a one-way street that ended with me eating way more than I should have!”

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding
“I was really close to my grandparents and they passed away shortly before our wedding. They were the perfect couple. I always aspire for Brian and I to be like them. They loved each other so much and had been together for almost 60 years! When my parents, aunts, and uncles got married, my grandparents gave them these silver champagne flutes that my grandparents used when they got married. My uncle polished and sent us those champagne flutes from Venezuela (where my grandparents’ lived) for the wedding. The champagne flutes traveled a very long distance and took a super crazy journey to get all the way to New England! We toasted with those champagne flutes and it was extremely special – it felt like my grandparents were there with us.”

Funny Story from their Wedding
“During the Horah, where we were both on chairs, our groomsmen were a little overzelous with the lifting. Brian and I were bobbing up and down and I was holding on for dear life, while yelling “PUT ME DOWNNN”. Brian, on the other hand was having the time of his life, trying to be brave and do it one handed, until suddenly, one groomsmen goes a little to high, while the others don’t and Brian slides off his chair! There was a big thud and complete silence for a few seconds. I was so worried he was hurt, but Brian got up with a smile and kept dancing after that!”

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos
“I’m not sure how it came to be that this photo happened. But it is the perfect representation of Brian and I, we just fit. With everything we have faced together these last few years, we’ve learned to be silly and make each other smile every day. It reminds me of our vows to always make each other laugh no matter the situation.

Photographer Experience
“I can’t say enough great things about Michelle and Ali. Michelle has a spectacular eye for angles, lighting, poses, and creates gorgeous photos. She is spunky and straight forward and was just absolutely amazing to work with. She listened to all our requests and made them happen in ways that were much better than our original ideas. Then there are all the candid pictures of the wedding party! Even when we were doing something silly, the pictures turned out amazing. Ali is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She was really great and got some amazing candid photos of the guys being crazy!”

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers
“I liked the fact that everything was so straight forward. There was no gimmicks or hidden fees. I liked that we could go through several photographers’ pictures and choose who we thought fit best with our personality and the style of photography we wanted. It was super easy to work with CP and it was a great experience overall. I also really liked that we could add to the package really easily! We ended up adding a few extra hours and it worked out so well. Would definitely recommend it!”

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year?
“Ahh, this is a hard one! I really think everyone deserves to be couple of the year! I’m not sure I can say that we deserve it, but I would love to be chosen! It’s hard with just a few pictures to really see how amazing we are together. It’s really Brian that makes us so amazing, he is the pillar that keeps me standing when things get rocky, the floaties that keep me from drowning when I think I can’t swim anymore, and the best nurse when I feel yucky. I can truly say that the day we got married was absolutely amazing, but every day after that has been even better. We have had our share of obstacles this year – through a few surgeries, new jobs, new house and through it all we remind ourselves how great we are as a team. We can do anything because we are a team.

Photography: Classic Photographers – Michelle E.

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