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Couple of the Year Entry: Lynnette & David

Lynnette & David

David came home after work on their 9th anniversary and told her to get dressed as they were going to see the new Marvel movie. She got ready and they headed out. He tells her that they have time to go for a walk before the movie. He takes her downtown to the river walk where they go for walks and feed the ducks. They go walk across the bridge and he stops. She just think that he’s tying his shoe. She turn around and he’s down on one knee. The first words out of her mouth are “are you kidding me?” Needless to say, he wasn’t and the rest is history. They’ve lived in the same city and went to the same school their whole lives. They first met in my junior year, his senior year, 2007. Her best friend and one of her bridesmaids introduced them. They started dating a year later on November 8, 2008. And they’ve been together ever since

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning
“Getting to spend time with my mother, sister, nieces, and best friends getting bouquets and decorations for the wedding.”

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding
“My father drove 9 hours down to Tennessee to get my only living grandparent, my grandma, to make sure that she was able to see me get married.”

Funny Story from their Wedding
“Once the wedding started to wind down, I grabbed david for a slow dance. I just held him and put my head on his chest and he put his head on mine. We start dancing and a minute later I feel another set of arms around me. Then I start hearing people laughing and cherring. We get done dancing and a friend of David’s decided that he wanted to join us in our slow dance. We even have a picture of him dancing with us.”

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos
“Most are just candids of our favorite people throughout the night. Then there is my absolute favorite of David and myself that Elizabeth suggested that we take and it is amazing.

Photographer Experience
“Michael and Elizabeth were amazing! All of the photos that they gave us were beautiful. They were so patient and friendly. They got photos of everyone that we wanted and of the most important moments.”

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers
“The ease of everything. From getting a photographer, to paying, to getting our photos.”

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year?
“We think that we should be couple of the year because we are the the best. We’ve been together for almost 11 years, we’ve shared heartbreak, loss, and so much love. We’ve built a family within our home and with both sides of our larger family. Being Couple of the Year would just be a huge honor for us.

Photography: Classic Photographers – Michael W.

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