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Couple of the Year Entry: Michelle & AJ

Michelle & AJ 10-27-18

AJ insisted that they take her mother out to dinner because he missed her and thought she could use a night out on them. They had a great dinner and lots of laughs. Came back to their house and opened some wine to share. He got down on one in her kitchen with her mom there and asked Michelle! She was engaged to his friend who later died in an accident. They were each other's comfort and support while they grieved and eventually found out that they had a lot in common and they thought that each other could help them through that dark time. Eventually being each other's saving grace.

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning "I loved imagining the whole picture coming together. Between the color scheme, the flowers, the timing, the food, what the wedding party would wear and how I wanted my photographer to capture it all!"

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding "My mother had an amazing speech about how she treasured my husband as a son and was so happy and proud that her daughter had found someone so perfect and hard-working. Everyone in the room had the sniffles as you saw how close they had become. She closed her speech by teasing him about how afraid he was to ask her for permission."

Funny Story from their Wedding "I completely forgot a garter! We were about to throw my bouquet and I panicked! So I grabbed my flower girl's neon light necklace and threw it under my dress. The lights were dimmed so when he reached for it everyone was laughing at how under my dress was all lit up! It looked pretty silly but people loved it."

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos "Our photographer really knew how to capture the best candid moments. My husband is not the best at forced smiling. So I told David that he'd have to work a little to catch him smiling, candidly. And those are absolutely my favorite photos."

Photographer Experience "The Man! The Myth! The Legend! DAVID ESQUIRE. He was seriously amazing. I couldn't have dreamt up a better wedding photographer. He was hilarious. Always making us laugh. He knew how to switch his cadence between the little flower girls and our grandmothers. Everyone was so swoon by him and his energy. He was timely, prompt, efficient, fun, energetic, patient, on and on. He was a hit."

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers "I liked the payment plan. The wedding form that you fill out prior. I liked that David contacted me a few times and we met for coffee before the big day so that nothing was a surprise and nothing was out of order."

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year? " think my husband and I are prime candidates because we have a lot of fun together. We love to travel and spend time together (that's our love languages). We had a sad but life-changing story of how we met. Often times people can't imagine what it would be like to lose a significant other but looking back I know that life does crazy things and you never know what will come of all situations. My husband is my best friend and I'd love to share this trip with him as a newlywed couple. I also, rave about David and CP to my newlywed friends because of my great experience."

Photography: Classic Photographers - David E.

"Thanks for this opportunity. Also, thanks for creating the best wedding memories. I couldn't ask for anything more from our experience with CP."

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