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Classic Photographers' Featured Photographer: Gopi R.

Gopi R.


Hometown: Herndon, VA

“Hello my name is Gopi. A wedding day is unlike any other day a person goes through and I am honored to spend my time making breathtaking memories that puts a smile on their faces now, and years into the future. I take pride in knowing I am surrounded by people in their most positive moments; seeing true happiness and get to use my enthusiasm to brighten peoples lives one wedding at a time. Honestly, how is that not the best job in the world?”

1. How did you get into the wedding photography business?
“Ever since I picked up a DSLR and immediately fell in love with it, I’ve always known that I wanted to take pictures of people. What better way to capture people at their most honest and beautiful state than a Wedding! A wedding day is a couples’ most important and memorable day in their life. I get to be surrounded by love, joy, and eternity every time I work. This brings out the best in my personality and that shows in my work…”
2. What do you enjoy about being a wedding photographer?
 “I like to show a side of people that they themselves don’t see. If it’s not a selfie, or looking in a mirror, most people only see themselves in these staged faces. Moments when you’re truly free or happy and you’ve let your guard down completely to someone they love and trust; at these moments people project themselves differently… I want to be able to show them a side of themselves they can truly hold on to.  The feeling I get when I capture these emotions; say in the groom’s face when he sees his beautiful love walking down the isle to him, or any of the countless moments like those throughout the day, is a rush of pure bliss for me as well. I often catch myself being so deep in these moments that I forget that I’m just working the event. For a moment this takes me beyond the ordinary and reminds me we’re all part of a beautiful journey holding hands together through it all.”
3. What keeps you creative/inspired?
“My passion for taking pictures is so big that I feel I’m never even close to breaking my potential barrier. I’m constantly reminded of how I can do the same shot differently and I keep myself up to date with the industry. The fact that there are always new techniques and gear that can be used to push myself and do unique stuff, keeps my creativity and motivation going. It’s truly never ending.”
4. What is one thing you would like every bride & groom to know before the wedding?
“I would like the bride and groom to know that I have a condition called Tourettes Syndrome. Even though it might seem like a hinder, it’s not. As cliche as it sounds, it has been my greatest teacher. I know, cheesy right? Every time someone told me there’s only so much I can do with photography, or anything else in that matter, I’ve always proved them wrong. I’m so blessed and lucky to be able to say I’ve come and done more with photography than what most of the general public would think anyone could achieve with it. And it’s not despite my Tourettes, it’s because of it. I would like the bride and groom to get to know me, as I’m sure like all my friends have found, once you do, you’ll never look at people or even life the same way.”
5. How has witnessing so many weddings impacted your life/outlook?
“Waking up and going to work to witness peoples’ start of lives has made my life so much better. I truly believe everyone should and needs to surround themselves with people who pick each other up. What a great honor it is for me to be placed on this earth to be a part of and help start peoples’ journeys one wedding at a time.”
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