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Pro Tips: CP Photographers Advises How To Be Photo Ready On Your Wedding

Are you getting a little anxious about how to be perfectly prepared for your big day? If you are thinking about how to make yourself ready for the most awaited event, specifically for you to be camera ready, and have amazing photos that you can treasure for a lifetime, we gathered some of the top tips that you have to know! 5 of our skilled photographers have given us some exclusive advice that you should consider before your wedding.


One thing that a bride might do before her wedding is having thought of her being tanned on her special day. Most brides do this for their wedding to achieve that perfect, even glow in photos. As the saying goes “You’re never fully dressed without a tan” But if you are considering getting a tan before the wedding you must think of it before deciding to do it. There are many different ways to be tanned choose what’s best for you before it will make the situation worse and we don’t want that!

“Probably avoid tanning, especially spray tanning unless it’s something you normally do. If you do want to try and tan for your wedding day do it well before to test out and be aware that cheaper spray tans tend to have a lot of orange in them.”-Alyssa T.


Great way to be photo ready aside from getting prep up and get pampered is to have confidence! Nothing could go wrong if you wear your best confidence on your wedding day. You have to feel yourself. This is your day and you deserve to cherish and enjoy it! Having confidence within yourself will show in your photos and it will surely deliver and reflect your genuine happiness on the shots. We know this is easier said than done, but practicing in a mirror and working your angles can’t hurt.

“Confidence!! Trial runs of hair and makeup are helpful so that they know what to expect! No big skincare changes the week of (stay away from new spa treatments in case of reactions) no spray tanning right before”
Jaclyn F.


The last pro tip is to stay relaxed during your wedding day and leave it to the professional on how they can help you to achieve the photos that you want for your wedding. Believe it or not, they know what they are doing and you have to put trust in their skill they aren’t a photographer for nothing.

“Just relax and leave the posing to your photographer! There’s nothing you can do wrong and it’s the photographer’s job to direct you for your session. If anything, make sure to do an engagement shoot with your photographer so you can practice the different poses while working together/getting comfortable with your photographer.” – Alyssa T
“I think the biggest help is already having done a photo shoot together .. at engagements” – Noel T
“I know it seems simple… but reminding a bride to relax and smile can be a game changer”- Jarrah B


Alyssa T. – Utah Based
Jaclyn F. – New Hampshire Based
Noel T. – Maine Based
Jarrah B. –  Texas Based

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