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Real Wedding: Lisa & Edward

Florence & Robert

married on May 20th 2023

Robert and Florence celebrated their wedding on May 20, 2023, with a modern yet classic elegance theme that highlighted the industrial beauty of their hometown venue. The couple chose a minimalistic decoration approach, incorporating stunning colors inspired by bridesmaids' dresses and touches of gold. The most cherished memories of their special day revolved around family involvement, from bridesmaids to ring bearers, and a touching tribute to lost loved ones during the ceremony. A butterfly release added a unique and magical touch, making their wedding a truly unforgettable experience. The couple's advice for future couples is to focus on what truly matters to them and lean on each other for support during the planning process. Their "how we met" and "how we got engaged" stories add a sweet touch to their beautiful journey together. Florence's impressive DIY efforts, including the wedding dress, and the tremendous help from their bridal party and vendors, made their day a seamless and memorable success. In the end, it was a day of love, joy, and celebration with their closest friends and family.
How we met and got engaged
"My co-worker was leaving the company to take a position elsewhere and this particular Friday happened to be her last day. I was invited to come out and celebrate with a small group from the office and initially declined. I had finals the following day and didn't want to be out late. My bestie kept messaging me that she wanted to go out - dance and meet boys. I asked if she would like to go out with some of my co-workers and she agreed. We met up with them and started the bar crawl. At the last bar we went to that night while conversing with everyone at the table, I looked over my shoulder and saw this really cute guy moving along the opposite wall to the back. He caught me looking and I turned away quick, a little embarrassed. He disappeared into the crowd and I thought I had missed my chance but moments later there he was - again he caught me looking....... I contemplated going after him to introduce myself but did not. The next thing I know, I feel a tap on my shoulder and we are exchanging numbers. He was out with some friends celebrating a birthday last minute notice. I tell him it was fate. I've never been able to take my eyes off him since."
What were some of your favorite wedding day details/memories?
"Having our children all involved in the wedding is by far the best thing about our wedding. My daughter & daughter-in-law were bridesmaids, our son held the rings and my son gave me away (in place of my dad who is deceased). The best man was my brother-in-law and the maid of honor my best friend of 27 years. My cousin officiated the wedding. Family is one of the most important things in our life - so this all was so extra special. At the beginning of the ceremony we honored all the people that we have lost: my dad, my grandparents, the grooms step mom and my besties parents. After the ceremony there was a special photo of the sign made for my dad, his photo and me with my tattoo for my dad on my foot. Something I knew I wanted to do from the moment I seen it years ago was a butterfly release. Every lady there got a individually wrapped butterfly of their own to release. It is probably one of the coolest things ever opposed to the normal things like bubbles, rice or sparklers. "
What were you inspired by while planning your wedding?
"Our favorite venues were ones that had an industrial feel: exposed duct work, wooden floors, wooden beams.... We were very fortunate to find that in our home town. We loved the feel of a modern - but classic elegance. Since the building was so beautiful - we played off of that and kept the decorations to a minimal. The colors where just beautiful options picked from bridesmaids dresses that I absolutely loved and worked in some golds."  
What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?
"Think about what are the most important things to you when it comes to your wedding. Work from that and make that be your theme. Research what you would like to incorporate with that emotion and it will all come together. Lean on each other for support because the financials of it all can be stressful at times." Did you have any D.I.Y. (aka Do It Yourself) details? "I wanted to save money where ever I could. I made the shower invitations, the map and hotel reservation cards for the invitations. I put together pedi's in a jar and mint containers with self designed stickers on them for the shower. I made the wedding programs, seating charts, signs for the tables, painted the table numbers, made glass bowl arrangements for centerpieces, hanging floral orbs overhead the head table, arrangements at the ceremony isle, chair bows, reserved chair tags, the napkin rings....... 75% of the wedding decor were DYI's of mine. The biggest DYI was the wedding dress though. It was made by myself, my grandmother, aunt and mother. It was more beautiful than I could have anticipated. It all was alot of work but truly a labor of love and worth every moment spent on them."    
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your big day?
"Everything was wonderful! When it came to the decor, the groom was not very hands on with this part of the wedding planning, so most of this was me. It was a breath taking transformation to bring to life all the ideas and expectations pictured in my mind to something tangible and real. I'm just glad it all came together so perfectly. We had a wonderful bridal party that were in the trenches with us, helping us with whatever we needed and vendors that picked up everything else and ran with it. This took so much stress off from us - no professional wedding planner needed. Best part - we had our closest friends and family to celebrate with us and everyone had a great time. And I get to claim the love of my life as my husband."


Photography: Noorzini from Classic Photographers

Venue: Edmore Market Place

Cake: Diane Hoard

Makeup:Salon Blu: Jarrod Fish

Suit:D2D Studio

Bridesmaids Dress: David's Bridal

Flowers: 3 Wishes Floral

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