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Real Wedding: Jestine & Harry

Jestine & Harry

married on September 19th 2020

The Proposal

“Harry and I got engaged at Pine Creek Gorge, sometime called the Grand Canyon of PA. We hiked an hour up the mountain and he purposed to me at the summit. We were so high up I could see the tops of hawk nests! High on endorphins, I suggested we take a different trail down. Long story less long, I got us lost on a mountain – in the middle of a forest – with no cell phone service. I had unknowingly taken us to a maintenance trail that led all the way to the bottom of the mountain, past where we had parked. Several hours, a second hike back up the mountain, a tick bite and a newly tested engagement later – we found our car.”

Wedding Inspiration
“Harry and I are very different and a theme throughout our relationship has been finding ways that we compliment one another. So when we started planning the wedding we knew we wanted it to be a meeting of two worlds. We finally settled on something along the line of ‘rustic meets elegance’. Our venue gave us the elegance, so we went full on rustic with the details. The copper furnishing in the house were a great contrast to dark Navy of the groomsmen’s suits. I also loved how the bridesmaid’s flowy, sexier cut of the dresses pops against the vintage barn.”

What were some of your favorite wedding day details/memories?
“There was a lot of small, sentimental details that I, as the Bride, absolutely loved. The flowers, the table settings, the food, the guests. But If I had to choose one, it would be the ‘Gritty Cake’! We really loved that Gritty Cake.”

D.I.Y. Details
“A majority of our wedding was DIY and done only 24 hours before the wedding! We honestly couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our awesome friends and family. My sister and Maid of Honor Jasmine secured our amazing bartenders. Harry’s cousin Matthew, who was also one of the groomsmen, created the custom wood signage. His wife, Stephanie, did all of the flower arrangements including the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Our friend Sasha handled all the lighting and ceremony decorations. Sarah, another bridesmaid, and her partner Tony created our Anime themed seating chart. From stuffing string lights into glass orbs and vases, to hand stitching custom masks for our guests – We couldn’t be more grateful to our tribe.”

Jestine and harry

& a Word of Advice…
“Don’t lose sight of what is important to you as a couple because that’ll be what you really remember. As I look back, the most vivid memories aren’t of the photoshoot or of my dress. It’s laughing with my friends, dancing with family I hadn’t seen in months and smiling so much my cheeks got sore.”


Photography: Classic Photographers – Anou A.

Caterer: Chef Tora

Dresses: Bijou Bridal

Cake: Clara’s Custom Bridal

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