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Wedding of the Week: Bridgette & Brandon

Bridgette & Brandon

Bridgette & Brandon had a very fun first encounter. The story goes like this:

Bridgette was an RA in her second year of college and she was doing late night rounds of the building on a weekend. She ran into two guys on the 1st floor, then again on the 2nd, 3rd and finally the 4th. At that point, she saw them and told them they couldn’t be there that late since they weren’t residents. Three years later, she is dating her now husband, Brandon who is now an RA too!

Also three years later, Brandon asks her about that faithful night and let’s her know that he was the one that Bridgette had thrown out. He thought  Bridgette was bossy and Bridgette thought Brandon was goofy, but everything worked out in the end!


 The Proposal

Cheery, light, fun but equally loving, that is how the proposal was for Bridgette and Brandon.

On April 3rd, Brandon took Bridgette on a date. They got food and went to target, Brandon also asked if they could swing by their work places to take pictures for his mom’s scrapbook. They stopped by Brandon’s office and arrived at Bridgette’s’.

Flowers, candles, and heard music in the courtyard welcomed the two. ” I wonder what all that was” said Brandon, who seemed not aware of  the happenings. Bridgette freaked out and said it looked like someone was having a special moment and they should leave. 5 minutes later Brandon was coaxing Bridgette out of the car and walks up to a table with a card on it and he hands it to Bridgette.

Bridgette read the letter and it let her know that 1 year earlier she had accepted a job after college that very day (the place they are currently at) and that she chose where they would live now, as  it was Brandon’s turn to take the next step of their relationship that very same day.

Wedding Inspo
“Simple and the color blue”


Favorite Wedding Details

“My father in law is a carpenter so he made gorgeous centerpieces out of wood they looked like cakes with intricate bride and groom pieces in top. My mother in law likes decorating so she made wooden signs for the gift and candy bar tables as well as Mr. & Mrs signs. We also had a candy bar with our favorite candies for people to take (or not take) as favors.!”

& a Word of Advice…
“Relax, all the things that don’t go perfect are just something to smile and laugh about. Stick to your budget and hold firm on things that you really care about, those are the things that matter.

 Let go of the little things and let other people have their way on these things, they will feel involved and you won’t compromise your vision or budget. It also makes people feel involved. Have fun, it is about your relationship, celebrate.”

“It was a lot of fun and I married my best friend.”



Photography: Classic Photographers – Michelle D.

Venue: Glendora Women’s Club – Glendora, CA

Catering: Ritz Catering – Surrey, BC

Church: Holy Name of Mary – San Dimas, CA

Alcohol Beverages: BevMo – Concord, CA

Wedding Photography Packages

Just Photography   $1495

One Classic Certified Lead Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code) . and more..

Just Photography Plus   $1895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!) . and more..

Romance   $2195

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Classic Photo & Video   $2895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Premium Wedding Photography Packages

Gold   $3395

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (August Promo!). and more..

Photo & Video Plus   $3895

One Classic Certified Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code!). and more..

Photo, Video & DJ   $3495

8 Hours of Coverage with 2 Photographers. 1 Hour Engagement Session. and more..


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