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Wedding of the Week: Kailey & Aaron

Kailey & Aaron

While in college, Kailey became friends with all of Aaron’s best friends from high school. Kaley says that one day, a handsome man with a six-pack and the most charming laugh appeared out of nowhere after returning home from his deployment. After Kailey’s friends cleaned up her puddle of drool, they gave Aaron her number and the rest is history about eight and a half years later…

The Proposal
Aaron and Kailey went to a cabin in the woods for a little escape/date night. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Strangers’? Well, this cabin setting reminded Kailey a lot of the scary movie, so she kept locking the doors behind the two of them, joking that Aaron was there to kill her. After dinner, the couple made a fire and started making s’mores.  Aaron tried to make Kailey a s’more with a marshmallow which had just fallen into the embers and ash, joking that he was REALLY trying to get rid of her! As Kailey was reloading her skewer with fresh marshmallows, he asked, “Do you know why I brought you here?” Turning around, Kailey saw Aaron on one knee. She nestled her face in her shirt and started to cry. After no response, Aaron said, ” I think this is the part when you say something, lady.” Jumping up, Kailey said, “Yes of course!”

Wedding Inspiration
“My husband is in the army and we always wanted to get married near the 4th of July. We decided to do a modern twist on the traditional red, white and blue color scheme, and used bright pink and blue with grey and white details.”

Favorite Wedding Memory
“It was amazing after planning our wedding from 7 hours and 3 states away to see everything come together so perfectly, including the gorgeous weather we were blessed with.”

D.I.Y. Details
“The save the dates, invitations, thank you cards and favors (koozies) were all designed by Aaron and I. All of the centerpieces were homemade including the citronella candles for ambiance and keeping those pesky mosquitoes away. Our guestbook was a scrapbook with a nautical theme behind it for our guests to leave a copy of their photoboooth picture and a special note for us. Lastly, all of the signs scattered around were homemade chalkboard signs.”

& a Word of Advice…
“Never lose sight that this day is about you two as a couple and the love you share. Focus on your style and personalities when it comes to the decor, music, food, etc. My favorite feed back from my wedding day was that everyone said it was very “us”, and I would not have changed anything for the world.”

“Our wedding was a big blur of excitement, fun, and love between the two of us and all of our family and friends which truly made it the best day of our lives.”


Photography: Classic Photographers – Andrea W.

Catering: Renee Smith Catering – Rochester, NY

Florist: Rachael Hoover

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