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Couple of the Year Entry: Kayla & Nathan

Kayla & Nathan 09-07-18

Nate and Kayla were dating long distance (8 hours and 5 states apart). Kayla had one year left of graduate school in South Carolina, and they were both sad that they had to be so far apart, living separate lives, but knowing that each other was "the one" they wanted to be with forever. Kayla's mom was in town with her in South Carolina. They went out to dinner and she told her to dress a little nicer because she wanted to take some pictures of my last first day of school. After dinner, they were taking a walk down to the park near the restaurant and her mom started to talk about her childhood and how she growing up (she is sentimental so she was not feeling suspicious yet). She wanted to go back home to put on athletic clothes if they were going to continue taking this long walk, but she would not let me. Just when she was started to feel suspicious that something was about to happen...Kayla look down the path and into an amphitheater and there was her future husband, Nate, all dressed up and smiling at her. He had traveled 8 hours and she had no idea he was this close to her. She walked to him and he started to tell her how much he loved her. She was so shocked and speechless and shaking. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and the easiest answer ever proceeded-- yes!

This is the best story to tell to see people's reactions! Both of their dads went to college together! They then met their moms and got married and had them. They would always lay them down next to each other on baby blankets and say "what if they got married one day!" And they did. Their families lived a few hours apart as they started to grow up in middle/high school, so they naturally grew apart with only social media allowing them to keep close tabs on each other's lives and where they decided to go to college, etc. It was not until after college that Nate (groom), messaged her on Instagram (yes, he slid into those DM's!) and asked her how she had been and if they could go to dinner sometime. The rest is history! Thanks to their moms and dads!

Favorite Part of Wedding Planning "My favorite part of wedding planning was tasting the dinner from the caterer-- so yummy! We also really enjoyed putting our tables together at the reception. It was fun to figure out who would get along really well and enjoy dinner together. At the wedding, we saw a lot of our friends get to know each other that normally would never have met!"

Tear Jerking Story from their Wedding "Both Nate (groom) and my dad, did not want to see me until I walked down the aisle. I was so emotional when the ceremony was about to begin because of nerves, but also because I still had not seen my favorite two men in the whole world! My dad and my future husband. When my dad saw me for the first time, it was seconds before I grabbed his arm to walk down the aisle, and he had tears in his eyes. It was a beautiful moment I will remember forever. I can still feel my heart beat in my chest from that moment."

Funny Story from their Wedding "My dad and I did a choreographed dance for our first dance...and he is NOT a dancer, but this was his idea! I have never seen him dance in my life-- let alone in front of 250 people and his moves had the whole room dying laughing because they never thought that he would be dancing. "

"Another funny story is that I did not go to the restroom for the entire day except once in the morning. When one of my bridesmaids asked if I had to use the restroom during the reception, I had to think about it before answering! I was so in the moment!"

The Story Behind their Favorite Wedding Photos "My favorite photos are one with me kissing my grandpa's cheeks. My grandmother (his wife), passed away suddenly before I got engaged. My whole life we talked about my wedding, what kind of dress I would wear, what color dress she would wear. We had it all planned and my heart was sad that she could not be there in person on my wedding day. My grandpa was sad too, but that picture of us together I will treasure forever because I know in my heart my grandma was spiritually there and she knew how beautiful of a day it was. Another favorite photo is of me and Nate (groom) with our mouths wide opening singing to each other on the dance floor. It perfectly describes our fun-loving selves who love to sing, dance, be silly, and be in the moment with those we love."

Photographer Experience "Christina is absolutely incredible. On the way to the wedding, her car broke down, so she took a 2.5 hour Uber ride in order to be there for our wedding. She did not act stressed whatsoever, just nonchalantly told me that when I asked if she was able to find the venue okay. I was so impressed with her attentive soul. She made us all feel so cared for, and made the photo taking time feel seamless and fun! We are so thankful to get connected to her."

What the couple liked most about working with Classic Photographers "We liked how the packages were priced well and all that was included in the packages. We also loved how responsive they were over the chat!"

Why should you be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year? "We should be chosen as the CP Couple of the Year because in our 7 months of marriage, we have been put to the test and risen above the challenges with love and humility. We took a huge leap of faith moving to a new city knowing no one, choosing an apartment online, one of us with a job, one of us without a job for months due to the competitive job market, lots of sickness and loneliness. However, at the end of each day, we had each other to be grateful for. We know that if we relied on each other's encouragement, love, and grace, that we could get through anything. Our wedding day was just one day (a great one), but life is not always as amazing as that day. You don't always have people to cater to you, taking photos of you, telling you how beautiful you are. You have to work hard for love, and make the choice for love even in the toughest of times (even more in the toughest times). Nate is that person for me, who shines with positivity and loves me for all of me, no more, no less. I am so excited for the years ahead and going through this life together. It would be an honor to be chosen for this trip and to be recognized and represented by Classic Photography."

Photography: Classic Photographers - Christina H.

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