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Featured Photographer: Sarah S.

Sarah S.

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Hometown: San Antonio, TX

“I am a portrait and wedding photographer serving the San Antonio, TX region and beyond, specializing in both natural and artificial light for my work. I fell in love with capturing love through my lens in 2009, and haven’t looked back since! I’m lucky that I get to say I work my dream job, and am so excited for the opportunity to serve you on your special day!”

1. How did you get into the wedding photography business?
“I started my career as a wedding photographer in 2012 when one of my childhood friends got married. She came from a big family and wanted me to be a part of her happiest and one of the most important days of her life as her photographer! I had been shooting portraits and capturing love for years prior, but I hadn’t shot a wedding until that year. Her day was beautifully perfect, the photos came out great, and I realized at her wedding how much I would enjoy working weddings more often!”
2. What do you enjoy about being a wedding photographer?
 “My absolute most favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get the privilege to capture love in all its forms. From the bride and groom, brides or grooms, to the children running around and playing together after the ceremony, to the families, relationships and friends that matter most to the couple, and all through the special moments that happen on a wedding day. Each wedding is a reminder to me of the beauty of love, relationships and the special bond two people find and share in each other.”
3. What keeps you creative/inspired?
“Not a whole lot of people realize this about me, but what keeps me creative and inspired is music and dancing! I love to sing, and two step – I put my boots on to head out to a local country dance hall with friends about once a week. I also absolutely love going out into nature, so trips to the beach with my son also keep my creativity sparking as we walk in the sand, splash in the waves and collect sea glass and shells.”
4. What is one thing you would like every bride & groom to know before the wedding?
“One thing I want every bride and groom to realize about their wedding day is that this IS their day. Revel in it. Take your time, your moments, and your opportunities to just breathe and live in each moment on your day. As a photographer that has shot hundreds of weddings, I know how quickly the day passes, and my wish for you is to enjoy and be present in every experience on your day.”
5. How has witnessing so many weddings impacted your life/outlook?
“The biggest impact wedding photography has had on my life and outlook has been the opportunity to experience love in so many different cultures. While traditions, wedding themes and colors may vary, love does not. Love, is love. I have been able to feel like a world traveler through wedding photography, all while shooting within the US, and feel like my ideas, views and perspective has absolutely broadened as I have witnessed and experienced the love present in so many weddings. And while love may be displayed or expressed differently, it has all been equally, and fully heart felt.”
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Just Photography   $1495

One Classic Certified Lead Photographer. 2nd Certified Photographer (With Promo Code) . and more..

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Romance   $2195

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8 Hours of Coverage with 2 Photographers. 1 Hour Engagement Session. and more..


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