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Wedding of the Week: Beatrix & Khristopher

Beatrix & Khristopher

The Proposal: Beatrix’s family has an annual Friendsgiving party a few days before Thanksgiving. It is held at Beatrix’s house and is a good way for old friends to come back to a place they feel at home. It’s a potluck so there’s always a lot of food! On November 19, 2016, Beatrix held her family’s 5th Annual Friendsgiving. Before everyone eats, they’ve made it tradition to form a huge circle and go around saying what everyone is thankful for. Khris went last and Beatrix didn’t realize that everyone had camera phones ready! Khristopher said that he was thankful for Beatrix and had a question to ask her in front of everyone! Beatrix thinks it was perfect because all of their family and friends were already gathered, making it that much more exciting!

We were able to ask the couple some questions about their wedding planning and the big day!

Q: What were you inspired by while planning your wedding? (Theme, Color Combinations, Places?)
A: “A Walk to Remember, my favorite color being pink and navy blue just seemed to match well with the blush.”

Q: What were some of your favorite wedding day details/memories?
A: “My siblings and I had a surprise dance for my husband. I think it was one of my favorite memories because it was the first time in a long time (since we were kids) where we not only danced together, but a choreographed one at that! I love my dress because I went unconventional. One of my favorite wedding details was also the blue ribbon pin that Khris surprised me with that was a tribute to my dad since he passed in November 2015 due to cancer. I also loved my bouquet. I told my florist I wanted a brooch with my dad’s picture on it. It was perfect. It was like he still walked me down the aisle.”

Q: Did you have any D.I.Y. (aka Do It Yourself) details?
A: “Do your own dessert table! Literally almost everything we had for our dessert table was from Party City. Then we just bought Krispy Kreme donuts. It looked great and it was demolished!”

Q: What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?
A: “Don’t worry about the little things. What you may notice, your guests won’t. Khris says plan in advance and just enjoy the day of. It’s going to truly go by so fast.”

Q:Is there anything else you’d like to share about your big day?
A: “Khris and I pulled off the wedding ourselves. We decided that we wanted to finance this wedding on our own with little to no help from our families because we didn’t want to “burden” them with that kind of money. It felt great accomplishing what we thought we may not be able to pull off. But the wedding was perfect. Even though it was windy, and even though my sister got the wrong color dress, even though we didn’t start on time, we wouldn’t trade any of it.”


Venue: The Crossings at Carlsbad – Carlsbad, CA

Wedding Day Coordinator: Alex Ghilarducci

Photography: Classic Photographers – Cindy A.

Photo Booth: Snapthat Pixels – San Diego, CA

Florist: BlushMoments, LLC – Escondido, CA

Cake: VG Donut & Bakery – Cardiff, CA

Officiant: Scott Kirk – Carlsbad, CA

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