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Wedding of the Week: Maddison & Devin

Maddison & Devin 01-04-19

Maddison and Devin traveled to Haiti together on a missions trip and fell in love in Haiti. From that day forward they have never gone a day without talking.

The Proposal

Maddison's family went on vacation to Disneyland in California and they took Devin(her husband) with them. On the Fourth of July 2018, they were watching the fireworks in front of the Disney castle. All of a sundown Devin got down on one knee and proposed to her in the big crowd of people. It felt like everyone had stopped watching the fireworks and was looking at them. It was truly a dream come true. Maddison's family and she are really big Disney fans so to have that moment in Disney was perfect. The funny part about the story was he thought that he was proposing during the finale of the fireworks. So when they stood back up to hug he realized the fireworks were still going on so he was like “oh crap! She was so nervous she thought it was already the finale” they make fun of him to this day.

Wedding Inspiration "Winter Wonderland"

Favorite Wedding Memory "Having the curtains closed right before walking down the isle. Then having them open, and seeing my soon to be husband standing at the other end of the isle starting to cry. I also loved having my mom and dad walk me down the isle. "

D.I.Y. Details "Most of the decorations was different ideas I found and pieced together my aunt helped me make my ideas come to life as well. Also, my husband is color blind so I got to pick all the colors!!"

& a Word of Advice... "Get things done as early as possible. Don’t put anything off. Even if it is crazy early, just get it done. It saved me lots of stress. Also on the day of the wedding, don’t forget to eat! Lastly, that day goes by in the blink of an eye. Just take a breath and enjoy it. "


Photography: Classic Photographers - Dwayne L.

Venue: Lakeview Pavilion - Foxborough MA

Cake: Konditor Meister - Braintree MA

DJ: Jordan Paiva Music of our Lives- MA

Flowers: Katie Hawkswell - MA

"One thing that I look back on now and laugh (but at the time I was crying) was I had a first look with my dad at my house before we left for the wedding. My sisters were covering his eyes and brought him downstairs. When he came down I saw that he was wearing the wrong color tux and had the wrong color bow tie. So as you can imagine I was freaking out. So when my sisters dropped their hands for him to see me you can imagine the tears and anger in my face. So my dad saw me and was like uhhhh you look beautiful but what’s wrong... long story short it got taken care of. But it is funny to look back on and laugh at my dads face when he looked at me and was super confused. Everything worked out and it was the most perfect day. "

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